What a season it has been!


Congratulations to the champions, and better luck next season to others! At the start of the season, I could only vaguely hope that Antonio Conte would make some magic happen at Stamford Bridge. I couldn’t have predicted this outcome. Everyone thought that Chelsea had over-performed to become champions in 2014/15. But look at this team now!

I guess it’s right what they say: true grit is getting back up every time you fall down. And that’s why I like this team: they have grit. They fall, they stumble, they get up. They play with courage, ready to charge down shots, and create moments of magic that I can not see elsewhere. Slick football is nice, but what counts outside of it is courage.

This season has been a special one, even without the Special One. This really reminds of Chelsea’s heydays from 2009/10. What grit, what magic! To think a defender ousted for being not suitable to the premier league comes back to give one of the most memorable centerback displays! To think, that a tactical change at a crucial time of the season changes its plot! And, a diminutive midfielder becomes a modern legend!

This will forever be remembered as the magical 3-4-3 season. The season Antonio Conte arrived in Chelsea.



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