PewDiePie and all the Swastika: Part I

Wow, I didn’t realize there was something so drastic going on in the world right now. PewDiePie is a racist and a Nazi patriot! BREAKING NEWS! We have to tell all the world about this because we don’t have anything important to talk about today!

For the people (which in this case is mostly everybody) who are wondering what all the fuss is about, the Wall Street Journal, that iconic newspaper idolizing the mecca of capitalism, wrote an article about PewDiePie’s apparent Nazi messages. Be careful world! Here is a Swedish YouTuber from the south of England ‘normalizing‘ Nazi rhetoric, imprinting it in the minds of impressionable twelve-year olds.

Looking at the grave concerns of a corporate herald, Disney cut ties with an independent creator, relegating him to a ‘hopeful’ tier of internet anonymity.

Oligarchies have once again won against individuals.

There are several things wrong about thissituation. For instance, this should never have happened. I’d blame Pewds a little: he’s been roasting Keemstar a lot these days, and as was evident with the AIB Roast in India, people don’t get roasts. However, if you’ve ever lived in life, and been a part of sports teams, the rhetoric you get there can sometimes be worse than the language used in the roasts. Nobody has a problem with that, but when it’s out there in the internet, everybody loses their minds.

The Wall Street Journal should really be focusing on the Wall Street. Haven’t we seen what the Wall Street can do to the world? 2008 financial crisis anybody? What was the Wall Street Journal doing then, with its highest standards of journalism? Where was it when Raghuram Rajan attacked Alan Greenspan for making the world’s loans a worse place than what it was before. The trust in that journal is gone. The newspaper has always been sold out, its news sponsored with corporate agendas. Where was it when the world truly needed it?

Oh I know! It was out chasing Youtube stars!

Perhaps it’s because of the money. I think Wall Street Journal is perversely jealous at the number of subscribers Pewds has. WSJ is struggling to get it’s reader base to 3 million subsbribers, whereas PewDiePie has 53 million people subscribed to him. I don’t know how many people actually read WSJ, but it can’t be more than one million. Pewdiepie gets an average of 3 million people per video. You can clearly see the jealousy seething out from WSJ’s ears.

So why indeed does WSJ target Pewdiepie? Is it because he’s from Sweden? Is it because of Uppsala had Nazi ideologies going around in the 1940s? Isn’t that racist?

This comic guy, who’s far less offensive than most other dialogue that’s going around in the internet these days, has become a scapegoat of a failing print media industry. Hasn’t this industry’s falling standards led to Steve Bannon taking up the job most dangerous to this planet? If you have no idea what he does, he’s a filmmaker, and he is now the chief strategist to the Trump administration in Trumpistan. He made this movie.

When such rhetoric has become part of the world’s moral fiber, it has becomes even more disheartening that mainstream media houses are now targeting the wrong people. The fourth estate is no longer the people’s powerful telescope. It has scattered into microscopes without proper focus, writing on anything that is worth getting some advertisement money from. And that is exactly what this is: jealousy. And an ever-increasing desire for eschewing proper criticism about important topics.

The rise of the right-wing politics is an important topic, not Felix Kjellberg’s nonsensical YouTube jokes. A techie from Hyderabad was shot in Kansas, because an US Navy veteran thought they were “middle easterners”. Where was the Wall Street Journal’s moral compass then? Do they call this a hate-crime? No, they haven’t. This news hasn’t even made it to their front page.

Even J.K. Rowling tweeted something about it. She invented Rita Skeeter, the manipulative beetle who would do anything for a bit of flashy news, and yet she believed that lie-mongering news website “The Independent”. Didn’t Johann Hari, a former journalist for the said news site, got stripped off his Orwell prize for plagiarism and inaccuracy? That’s becoming the standard for profit seeking online newspapers these days.

So, should we be focusing on Mr. Felix Kjellberg making Nazi jokes? Or should we be concerned about the spreading arms of fascism across the world? Because, let’s be honest, the imagery and symbolism of the Nazi party can only bring back the traumatic past of the twentieth century, but fascism is still here. Fascism is a real threat to this world now, and it never comes in the guise and costume of Hitler and Nazism. No one is going to accept that. But, the neo-fascists are using our fears against us, just like Voldemort in Harry Potter, and that will be the face of Fascism. Hakenkreuz’s made by some deluded fools seeking attention are not the problems here: it’s hate-mongering, and hyper-nationalism that is going to drive our world towards its doom.

Fascism is all around us. It’s not in some filthy trenches of a comment section in the Internet. It’s in our hearts and in our fears. It’s in the people who we put into power, because that is exactly how Adolf Hitler came into being: through lies and deceit, and deluded search for a scapegoat to justify the problems of people.

PewDiePie is an innocent comedian. Maybe he overstepped a line: we have stopped seeing where this line is going and where it’s ending. Perhaps it’s better to look around us.

Part II is here.


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