Well, that’s a long break.

I thought I would write something, but things just kept on piling up. Things need to be dusted, otherwise you get sootsprites hovering over it.

Sootsprites, if you don’t know what they are, are japanese yokai, thought to dwell in unused, decrepit buildings. You’d know them from Ghibli movies.


They also appear in My Neighbour Totoro. I love their representations. They are that invisible, unseen, unexplained boundary between reality and fantasy: we make them up because we can’t see in the darkness. But darkness isn’t something malicious or dangerous or somthing to be afraid of. Darkness is absence of photons. Darkness is fluffy and harmless, just something that wants to find a home where nothing else lives.


Well, I will have to open up the house now. And let these susuwatari wander off into the night. Adios!




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